Conditions of registration for Vets

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Please tell us as soon as you take a job, even if the dates are not yet confirmed, (so that we can keep our job register and our vet register up to date), and even if the job wasn't through us. "As soon as" means within 48 hours, not 2 months later.
  2. If you are locuming, when you take another job within 12 months with the same surgery, please tell us again!
  3. When contacting the surgeries, tell them you got their details from Kookaburra Vets
  4. It is your responsibility to negotiate terms & conditions, pay etc. directly with the practice. We advise that you do this before commencing work, and get confirmation in writing.
  5. Details of positions we pass to you must not be given to third parties under any circumstances without our prior permission.
  6. Please keep us up to date with your contact details, availability, and requirements.
  7. You must be registered with the applicable Country, State or Territory Veterinary Board prior to commencing work, and have a valid work Visa.