Vets Seeking Work

This is a selection of the vets listed with us who are currently seeking work in the UK.
If you would like us to pass your job and clinic contact details on to any of them, please list your job with us (listing fee applies) and quote the reference number of the vet*. We will promote your job to all suitable vets on our register in addition to contacting the individual vet, and also list your job details on our website.

Reference Year Qualified Qualification Job Type Comments
21*06   Spain Aquaculture Available for an internship or supervised small animal vacancy, or has experience in aquaculture
21*07 2022 Romania Equine Anywhere, available now, not an RCVS Member but EU citizen/passport holder
21*05 1993 South Africa Small Animal Looking for a permanent position as veterinarian in a first opinion small animal practice in the south of England. Tier 2 visa sponsorship required.


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