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Lara Kazius, Worldwide (posted 22nd January) Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse

Hi everybody,

My name is Lara Kazius and I am 20 years old (turn 21 in June). I am a veterinary nurse who graduated in June 2023. I am looking for a locum job somewhere around the end of September/ beginning October until December 2024.

About me: at the moment I work in a Hospital & Emergency dog and cat clinic in Melbourne. I worked in an animal clinic in the Netherlands before that for 6 months. I also did an internship in America for two months at a zoo clinic and did a farm internship in England.

My skills: really motivated, eager to learn, communicative, enthusiastic, and more.

Accommodation is a big plus and otherwise help would be really appreciated.

Happy to hear from you, and I could always send my CV and recommendation letters if you're interested.

Kind regards,

Lara Kazius

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