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Chelsea Grove, South Waikato or Ruapehu/ Turangi region (posted 25th October) Technician

I am on the hunt for a full time, ideally long term veterinary technician role. 

I gained my technician cert back in 2018 during which I gained invaluable experience in both equine and mixed practices during my practicals, however have spent the past few years working on a stud farm foaling broodmares and also managing a dairy farm alongside my husband. We are looking to step away from dairy farming for a better work/ life balance for our son and so I am now looking for a role as a supporting technician in a dairy or mixed practice. I have bucket loads of experience with horses and dairy cows and also some experience with sheep and other creatures doing everything from vaccinations, disbudding, dry cow, teat seal and have hands on experience in identifying, treating and managing many health issues and lameness. I have also been hands on in surgical settings but definitely need a refresher in this aspect. I’m very confident with stock, happy to get really hands on, I love “problem solving” health issues and production issues. I am happy to upskill and gain further qualifications where necessary and I really enjoy working in the field as opposed to in the clinic. 

I have been away from a clinic setting since completing my qualification but I have a lot of industry related experience that I think will be invaluable to an employer. 

I am currently located in the south Waikato NZ and would love to stay local but would also consider moving closer to Ruapehu/ turangi region. 

Available to start next year around May. Please contact me on 02785 86784 after 5.30pm. 

Ashley Morrison, Southland (posted 13th September) New Zealand Certificate in Rural Animal Technology (Level 5)

Minimal Clinical Experience, mainly work placements but plenty of Farming background knowledge and work. I grew up on a dairy farm and spent most of my younger years around farm animals.

I am looking for a part time Rural Animal Tech job in Southland NZ, starting around February 2022. Also looking for work placement to complete my New Zealand Certificate in Animal Technology (Level 5) (Veterinary Nursing Assistant) via distance through Otago Polytech.

Currently residing in Marlborough NZ but my family and I are relocating back to Southland in early 2022.

CV is available upon request as well as my study details (letter of introduction), criminal history and Certificate of Participation of Clinical H&S procedures.

Phone: 027 399 7479

Best form of contact is email first and then we can arrange a phone call or zoom call.

Ashley Pronyk, Will consider any location NZ (posted 9th September) Exp Vet Nurse Technologist, Canadian Trained

I'm a Canadian trained veterinary nurse/technologist looking for a full-time position and am willing to travel wherever necessary.

I have been working as a veterinary technologist since 2013 in Canada as well as internationally (Australia, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands). I have worked at regular practices, advanced medical practices, emergency clinics and have volunteer experience in a shelter setting. Current location is the Cayman Islands

Relevant Skills 
-Placing IV catheters, collecting blood , urine and fecal samples
-Manual and digital radiology
-Dental cleanings, dental radiology
all the in-house lab work like Microscopy, IDEXX and other similar in house lab equipment.
-Anesthesia induction and monitoring
-Post operative care and  care of hospitalised patients (ICU).
-Able to fulfill reception duties
-Maintenance of the clinic and hygiene practice.

My vision of an ideal work environment is one that encourages good staff relationships, where animal welfare is the main focus and patients and clients are well looked after to the best clinical standards. I have a special interest in surgical procedures and would love the opportunity to further develop my skills. I would also be interested in a veterinary clinic or facility that promotes wildlife rehabilitation.

Please email me to further discuss future opportunities.

C.V available upon request.

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